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About Enduro Grip

Are you in love with your bike and nature? So are we! Since 2012 we are inspiring enduro fans from all over the world with unique and exciting enduro tours through Central Bosnia. If you want to experience an unforgettable adventure, Enduro Grip is the right place for you.

Our Mission

We want you to be inspired! In order to ensure that you have an unforgettable enduro holiday, we take as much planning off your shoulders as possible. From organizing your hotel to maintaining your enduro. And the best part? All of our local guides speak English – and are always there to help you!

Enduro Tours in the Heart of Bosnia

Our guided off-road tours start in the small town of Bugojno. Bugojno is a two hours drive from the capital Sarajevo or Split in Croatia and surrounded by numerous mountains. Enjoy picturesque landscapes, untouched nature and incomparable freedom on your enduro.

A Mecca for Enduro Lovers

Central Bosnia is a dream for enduro riders. The mountains in the region offer breathtaking views up to 2100 meters above sea level – and the slopes and forests guarantee fantastic landscapes and varied terrain. Whether beginner, hobby rider or professional: with Enduro Grip everybody gets his money's worth!

Centuries-old Tradition

Mountain sports have a long tradition in the Bugojno region. Already hundreds of years ago, sports events were held here in the mountains. The Olympic Winter Games in Sarajevo in 1984 marked the beginning of the mountain tourism boom in central Bosnia – and for the last few years, enduro riding has been an important part of it.

About the Founder Franjo Milicevic

Enduro Grip was founded in 2012 by Franjo Milicevic. Franjo is a passionate enduro rider and already explored the mountains around Bugojno with his 125cc enduro as a teenager. He is a true local, born in Bugojno in 1983 – and therefore knows the region and all of its routes at least as well as his own beloved enduro.

Franjo loves the pure freedom on his machine and the challenge of driving through extreme terrain with his enduro bike. This passion led to the idea of Enduro Grip – an enduro tour operator in wild Bosnia, who inspires its customers with excellent service and unforgettable enduro tours.

About the Founder Franjo Milicevic