Tour description

Tour description

A week of pure adventure

Our tour "Experience enduro in a different way" offers unforgettable memories and lots of adventure. Experience the original Bosnia, dreamy mountain villages, and varied landscapes. Our tour guide takes you through the most beautiful corners of central Bosnia and up to 2100 meters above sea level! Breathtaking views and action-packed days are guaranteed on this tour for enduro biking. Every day gives you new routes, new terrain, and new challenges!

The Roadmap

Day 1: Welcome!

We welcome you to Bugojno and central Bosnia! We unload your motorcycles, you check in at your accommodation, lean back, and relax. You can take a look around the city and we get to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere during dinner.

Day 2: The Bosnian Jungle

Finally, we're off! You have rested and you are ready for your first adventure. Before we start we discuss the tour of the day and check the motorcycles (air pressure, handlebars, fittings, suspension, chain). Everything ready?

We then drive south on beautiful forest paths and explore the area around Bugojno. If there is time, we will also make a small detour to a picturesque Bosnian village.

Tag 3: Panorama, Panorama!

Wide meadows, mountains, and a breathtaking panorama. How does that sound? On day 3 we offer you exactly that and much more. Lots of steep ascents, water passages, and mud holes are also waiting for you. But don't worry: workarounds are possible everywhere so that you don't overtax yourself.

We take our lunch break in a lonely bay. You can process all of your new impressions, and amazing landscapes and recharge your batteries. After 110km we are back in Bugojno and spend the evening comfortably in the hotel.

Day 4: Above the Clouds

On the fourth day, we go up the country. On gravel roads, you ride your enduro through romantic mountain landscapes and wild nature. Our destination? The sleepy shepherd village "Prokosko Jezero" – one of the most beautiful places in Bosnia. Surrounded by idyllic hills, great mountains, and with a crystal clear lake in the center of the village.

On this day we go up to 2100 meters above sea level. Often the clouds are so deep that you have the feeling of floating with your machine above the clouds! We also pass secluded mountain villages, where friendly and curious inhabitants will most likely invite us to a refreshing mountain tea. Cheers!

Day 5: Break

Enduro biking can be quite exhausting. That is why we give you time to relax on the fifth day. You can use that time to visit the capital Sarajevo, the fascinating Bosnian pyramids in Visoko (discovered in 2004), stroll through the beautiful old town of Mostar, or explore the Croatian Adriatic. All places are about a 2 hours drive from Bugojno!

Day 6: A Trip Around Lake Rama

Lake Rama is one of the most beautiful lakes in Europe. The many small islands and peninsulas make the lake so unique. On the most famous island called “Scit”, you can even find a Franciscan monastery from the 15th century.

We ride along lonely gravel paths, and surreal landscapes and explore the dreamlike terrace city "Rama". After a detour to the enchanting lake, we pamper ourselves with traditional Bosnian delicacies at "Grandpa Konoba".

Day 7: Bosnian Coffee Trip

On the last day of the trip, you will cross wooden terrain and lovely meadows. We drive along the plain around Bugojno to the small town "Of Prusac". Prusac was occupied by the Ottomans 500 years ago and offers a fascinating history and rich culture.

In Prusac we take a break and enjoy traditional Bosnian coffee. Afterward, we return to Bugojno and drive challenging and winding slopes on the ridge.

Day 8: The Adventure Comes to an End

Now it's time to pack things and go back home. You saw a lot, experienced a lot, and drove a lot. Your enduro tour was fantastic! With a bag full of unforgettable memories and experiences we will take you to the airport and wish you a good journey. See you next time!


1. How many kilometers do we cover per day?

Each day's tour is about 100 to 150 km long. On request, we can adjust the length of the entire tour to your wishes.

2. When do the tours start and end every day?

All tours of Enduro Grip start at 09.30 am. Then we discuss the tour of the day together and check the motorcycles. At 09.45 we leave and at 13 or 14 o'clock we take a lunch break – every day in a different mountain village. The tour ends at about 5 pm and you can relax and let the day end.

3. What kind of terrain can I expect?

On the tour "Experience Enduro in a different way", you will mostly drive on gravel and forest tracks.

4. For which motorcycles is the tour suitable?

For almost all enduros and touring motorcycles. For example for BMW GS, Africa Twin, KTM Adventure or all two-cylinder touring motorcycles.

5. How large or small can the group be?

The group should consist of a minimum of 2 and a maximum of X riders. In case of a large number of participants, we divide the group with several tour guides.

6. How do I get my motorbike to Bosnia?

You can either come here with your motorcycle yourself or we help you out and organize the complete transport of your bike. We can also organize the return transport. If you do not want to come with your bike, you can rent a sports enduro/dirt bike in Bugojno.


Franjo Miličević
Mob/WhatsApp: +387 63 111 188
Email: endurobu@gmail.com

Where are we?

Crnice 6a, Bugojno 70230
Bosnia and Herzegovina