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Unforgettable enduro tours

For beginners

Level 1

Offer for beginners includes tours including driving training. This is a good choice for anyone with little experience in off-road terrain and is ideal for enduro hiking. During the tour, you will receive comprehensive training and improve your driving skills with practical tips and exercises.


For advanced

Level 2

Our offer for advanced riders does not include driving training. Of course, our guides are with you at all times – but you should already have experience in off-road terrain and/or on your sports enduro.


Hard Enduro

Level 3

Find out your own driving, mental and physical limits.


Enduro Croatia

Not in the mood for cold winter days? Then come with us on an unforgettable enduro tour in Croatia! We offer guided off-road motorbiking tours, exciting adventures, and breathtaking landscapes. Discover the magical port city of Dubrovnik, the numerous surrounding hills and mountains, or the impressive rocky coast in Konavle. Our tours in Croatia start every year from mid-November to the end of March!


Tour description

Our tour “Experience Enduro in a different way” offers unforgettable impressions and lots of adventure.


* Transfers from and to the airport (Sarajevo), (Banja Luka), (Mostar) or Split (CRO) free of charge for 2 people or more.


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