Your Tour with Graham Jarvis – the best Enduro rider in the world

Your Tour with Graham Jarvis - the best Enduro rider in the world

Would you like to learn only from the best? Then we have the right Enduro tour for you: 5 riding days Tour with Enduro Grip and the world's best Enduro rider, Graham Jarvis. Who wants to be part of this, has to be fast. Participation is strictly limited!

5 Days of pure action in July

The tour includes 5 exciting riding days through the wild landscapes of Central Bosnia. The procedure is as follows:

  • Arrival: 05/07/2019
  • Riding days: From 06th July until 11th July.
    6th and 7th July will be with Graham Jarvis and the rest will be with professionals from Enduro Grip. The day off will be on the 09th of July.
  • Departure: 12/07/2019

How much does it cost?

The costs of accommodation that includes breakfast, Guided Tours, 24/7 available services from our Tour guides and rides with Graham Jarvis are as follows:

Medium Enduro: 1000 Euro
Hard Enduro: 1500 Euro

All participants will be starting at 9:30 with Graham Jarvis; after the lunch break, only Hard Enduro participants will be riding with Graham (approximately until 17:30).

Book your place right now

The Enduro Tour with Graham Jarvis is a unique opportunity to ride with the best rider in the world. Book now before sold out. We are looking forward to seeing you!