Enduro Croatia

Enduro Croatia

Every year from mid-November to the end of March!

Enduro Motorcycle Tours in Beautiful Croatia

Not in the mood for cold winter days? Then come with us on an unforgettable enduro tour in Croatia! We offer guided off-road motorbiking tours, exciting adventures, and breathtaking landscapes. Discover the magical port city of Dubrovnik, the numerous surrounding hills and mountains, or the impressive rocky coast in Konavle. Our tours in Croatia start every year from mid-November to the end of March!

The Pearl of the Adriatic

Dubrovnik is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the Mediterranean. With a fascinating old town, many medieval buildings, and a centuries-old fortress wall, the “Pearl of the Adriatic" inspires visitors from all over the world. And the best part? Dubrovnik is surrounded by hills and mountains and is the ideal starting point for off-road enduro tours in southern Dalmatia.

By the way: In Dubrovnik, you can also discover various locations of Game of Thrones. Immerse yourself in the heart of Westeros: The King's Landing!

Idyllic Landscape and Varied Terrain

The surroundings around Dubrovnik seem to be made for your enduro motorbike. We show you the best routes on the Adriatic coast, varied challenges, and beautiful landscapes. Drive through picturesque vineyards, fragrant pine forests, and wide fields. Until we reach the border of Montenegro and Bosnia!

The Perfect Tour for Beginners and Advanced Drivers

The Croatia tours of Enduro Grip include many attractions for enduro lovers with different driving skills. Whether steep slopes, stony gravel paths, or idyllic olive groves: especially beginners and advanced drivers will get their perfect off-road tour in Croatia.

Ride your dirt bike on forest tracks, sand, mud, mountains, and meadows, and improve your technique. Our English-speaking guide is always at your side, shows you around, and gives you advice.

Bye, bye, Winter!

The Mediterranean climate makes Croatia a perfect enduro holiday destination in winter. Escape the gray and cold winter weather and experience the sun, pleasant temperatures, and a memorable enduro adventure in Croatia.

Very special: We are happy to adapt the entire tour to your ideas. From the route over the duration of the tour to the pace. So that you are completely satisfied and no wishes remain unfulfilled.

Interested? Well Then, Let's Go!

Book your enduro tour in Croatia today! We pick you up directly from Dubrovnik Airport and take you to your accommodation. Or do you arrive by car or motorbike? Then we meet at the hotel and get to know each other during a cozy dinner. Sunny Croatia is awaiting you – what are you waiting for?



Can I rent a motorcycle on-site?

Yes! A dirt bike will cost you around 100€ per day and the equipment (helmet, protective gear, etc.) 20€ per day. The price of petrol is about 1,20€ per liter.

How many participants are needed?

Our tours require at least 3 participants per tour.

How long will we drive per day?

We start every day at around 10:00 and drive until 16:00. That’s about 50 to 70 kilometers (30-45 miles) per day.

Does the price include accommodation and meals?

No. Participants pay for their meals and lodging on their own.

Included in the price

  • Transfer from Dubrovnik Airport
  • Professional guidance and assistance from a tour guide
  • 50-70 kilometers (30-45 miles) drive per day



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