Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

1. Application

The application may be sent through the online registration form.

2. Services

The organizer reserves the right to change the course of the event slightly.

3. Deposit/balance

To reserve a place, a deposit of € 100, - per person to make the booking. The balance of the price is to be paid locally in cash.

4. Memory for participants

Participants agree to: They are healthy and fulfilled the requirements set by the event to me. If the operator determines that the subscriber is not or no longer meets the demands of the event, he may be excluded from further participation. A claim for a refund of the course fee is excluded.

5. Organizer resignation

The organizer reserves the right to cancel an event for the following reasons before starting: - if the tour guide is impossible to drive due to illness, injury, or natural disaster like this. Should this happen during the event, the participant will receive a pro-rata share price.

6. Assurance of participants

The participant undertakes to be the holder of a valid driving license for a motorcycle. He rides at their own risk, even if it follows the tour guide, and participate on a motorcycle in the event, which is approved for use on public roads and safe driving condition. The rules of the Highway Code and the statutory provisions for liability and vehicle insurance of the relevant travel the country. It is the part of us no additional insurance. The participant is responsible for compliance with the relevant road traffic regulations. He has to adjust his driving concern for their own and others' safety. The participants are furthermore the dangers of motorcycling in known terrain. The participant assures to attend the event with proper motorcycle protective clothing.

7. Insurance

Enduro Grip Bosnia recommends its subscribers travel accident insurance, travel health insurance and travel cancellation insurance. Insurance by Enduro Grip Bosnia does not exist.

8. Cancellation

The participant can withdraw from his registration at any time. However, he must do this in writing. The resignation becomes effective on the day on which Endurogrip-Bosnia receives the notification of resignation. If the customer withdraws, there are no additional charges. The deposit is non-refundable, but the deposit can be offset against a new date.

9. Participants' assurance

The participant confirms that he is the holder of a valid driving license. Even if he is following the tour guide, he goes at his own risk and peril. He participates on a motorcycle in the event, which is in running condition for safe and is approved for use on public roads. The rules of Straßenverkerhrsordnung and the statutory provisions for liability and vehicle insurance of the respective destination country shall apply accordingly. The participant is responsible for the consideration of the Highway Code itself. He has to adjust his driving concern for their own and others safety. The participants are aware of the dangers of off-road motorcycling. The participant takes part with proper motorcycle protective clothing in the event.

10. Observe instructions

The instructions of the organizer is always obeyed. This also applies to their representatives and assistants. The tour guide has the right, without warning, exclude the participant to a refund of his additional fee, of the event, when he violates safety regulations or other participation requirements, or even if it endangers the other participants or the proper conduct of the event. Moreover, then the participant can be held liable for the damage incurred by the organizer.

11. Liability

All participants waive by signing against the organizer and its agents and volunteers from all claims for damages sustained in connection with the event personal property or other damage. This waiver is also explained for family members and dependents of the participant. The participants give further that he takes part in the event at their own risk. The undersigned represents Enduro Grip Bosnia and its employees also by third-party claims asserted in connection with any damage they cause event. Enduro Grip Bosnia specifically disclaims any liability for damages resulting from a deficient condition of the track. We are only liable within the scope of the duty of care for the conscientious preparation and execution of the event booked. Our liability is excluded or limited, as far as damage to the participant was not grossly negligent or intentionally caused by Enduro Grip Bosnia. Our liability is limited in all cases to three times the price. Should any force majeure events may not be feasible, as Enduro Grip Bosnia is entitled to create a replacement program. A price reduction is impossible in any case. Furthermore, the organizers of any liability for fines / penalties that may be incurred at the event takes over. If the participant to ask the tour guide, his motorcycle at the event, for example, about to drive a difficult passage, is the organizer or tour guide no liability for damages arising, for example, in a fall. Any liability of the organizer for any consequences (damage to clothes, property damage, personal injury, disability, and death), to the extent permitted by law, excluded. With his application and waiver, the participant confirms to accept this risk for themselves and to be adequately insured. Should a participant be injured during the event, he explained with a any necessary medical treatment, rescue and transportation to the hospital or other emergency facilities agree. All these measures are taken by the organizer in good faith and in its assessment of the participant's condition. The participant agrees to assume all associated costs, if they are not covered by the accident insurance or other insurance.

12. Waiver of Liability

By registering for the event, the customer agrees to the following statement:

About the dangers of motorcycling, especially of group trips off the road I'm fully aware. Participation in the event is at my own risk. I am responsible for my driving style and choice of route. This is true even if I use the training or the proposals of the tour operator, helpers, drivers or any persons associated with the organization of the event follow. I hereby agree that neither the organizer or its agents nor the site owner can be held liable for personal injury, property damage and financial loss of any kind. I am aware that Enduro Grip Bosnia is not liable for the misconduct of other group members. Should I a had moved injury or illness from attending even the following day tours stop, so I can not make a price reduction compared to Enduro Grip Bosnia, in that the injury / illness falls within my own area of ??risk and Enduro Grip Bosnia benefits continues to provide. Furthermore, I am responsible for any damage I inflict upon others, even civil and criminal liability. I undertake to observe the traffic rules of the relevant travel the country to comply with the rules of group travel and harming neither man nor nature through my behavior in dealing with the motorcycle. I'm basically healthy, meet the requirements set by the event on me and have an officially approved motorcycle and a valid driver's license. I am responsible for my wearing protective clothing.

13. Complaint

The organizer or tour guide element giving complaints are notified immediately and on the spot and at the latest within three weeks after the event has claimed.

14. Insurance

Insurance by Enduro Grip Bosnia does not exist!

15. Rental of bikes and equipment

Motorcycles are provided to the request of Enduro Grip Bosnia. The participant agrees to treat the vehicle with care. For damages caused by the fault of the user, it must pay. Pre-existing defects are reported. The equipment itself must be taken, therefore the participants for damage to its own equipment itself is of course responsible.

16. Privacy Policy

The participant agrees that Enduro Grip Bosnia may use, publish and distribute the captured image documentation for their own promotional purposes.

17. Jurisdiction

The place of jurisdiction for both parties is agreed Bosnia.

18. Organizer


*Note: the terms and conditions have been translated by google translate, so we take no guarantees for the translation. The basis terms and conditions apply to German language.


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